Shonas Lingerie Site Management

Please use the menus above to configure your site.

User Management

- Users who can access management

Category Management

- Product categories for web store.

- Note that Parent Categories are the top level menu items in the store and sub categories are the drop down categories.

- Products can only be categorised by the sub categories.

- Warning: Although you have the ability to edit Parent Categories including addition and deletion, this is not recommended. The menu on the web store has been sized to the current Parent Categories and limited changes can be made. Major changes to Parent Categories will result in redesign of the menu.

Product Management

- Product additions, deletions, and ammendments are made from this page. Image files can only be added to an existing product. Images will be resized to 200 pixels wide on the web store requiring that all uploaded images be 200 pixels wide at minimum. Clicking on the image in the web store will popup a new window showing the images actual size. Suggested size for uploaded images is 200 pixels wide (minimum) to 800 pixels wide. Larger images will be unviewable in most browsers. File sizes should be no larher than 1MB but ideally around 150KB to ensure the site isn't too slow.


- All orders are placed through PayPal and no information is stored on this server. PayPal provide a safe and secure platform that protects you customers funds and identity from fraud. Users do not need a PayPal account as PayPal will process standard credit card transactions to non account holders.

- Shipping can be calculated in 2 ways.

  1. By setting a per item rate in the Product Management section. This requires all items have a shipping entry and works ok for single items.
  2. PayPal shipping calculation - can be set as a percentage of sale price or as a set rate per order with set points nominated in your PayPal account settings.